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“We suffer mass Stockholm Syndrome so the we SOLUTION is...

CLASS acts  working class cultures   “herd mentality”
 JOCK brains  sports cultures          “compete-itis”
HIGH minds educated cultures    “mind worship”
GRAND hands  senior cultures     “wisdom well”
VET heads  war veteran cultures     “life shocked”
LOVE lives  love anyway cultures    “love stuck”
YOUNG hearts  youth cultures    “need seasoning”
“The working class is not more racist so the we SOLUTION is...
“When we pass on our mistakes as wisdom, the we SOLUTION is...
“A good education equals good sense so the we SOLUTION is...
“Sports competition is at least honest so the we SOLUTION is...
“Forgiveness helps the injured party most so the we SOLUTION is...
“Soldiers getting hurt in war is their job so the we SOLUTION is...
“Young people’s justice concerns are naive so the we SOLUTION is...
“We all just look out for me and mine so the we SOLUTION is...
“When believers lose faith in democracy the we SOLUTION is...
GLOBAL eyes  global cultures     “ameri-schiz”
 we ALL all cultures              “my tribe”
 BLACK faces  black cultures    “kidnap mentality”
Some of the life choices we think we make for ourselves are choices made for us by listening to media and conforming to groups.  Group cultures matter. 

Media and group cultures can keep us looking at the same thing and seeing something different.  Depending upon how much we want to belong, we adjust our individual desires to conform to group norms.  The more powerful the group culture, the stronger the gravitational pull to conformity. 

weallrate can help us do some critical thinking about what we think we know and what we need to do to help ourselves and somebody else.    Share we solutionswesolutions.htmlshapeimage_31_link_0
weallrate think-for-ourselves statements and groups will offer windows into how different cultures think and do.  

    we ALL - all cultures, my tribe
    BLACK faces - black cultures, kidnap mentality
    CLASS acts - working class cultures, herd mentality
    GLOBAL eyes - global cultures, ameri-schiz
    GRAND hands - senior cultures, wisdom well
    HIGH minds - educated cultures, mind worship
    JOCK brains - sports cultures, compete-itis
    LOVE lives - love anyway cultures, love stuck
    VET heads - war veteran cultures, life shocked
    YOUNG hearts - youth cultures, need seasoning

Use weallrate statements and groups to help move past group ignorance and media-made fears.

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