“People will follow the slope of their lives, unless a stronger, contrary influence, redirects their paths.”
Leonardo DaVinci

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Our media influences the slope of our lives.  Issues ignored and media messages heard over and over again, color what we think, do and don’t do.  

Depending upon which media we consume, we can look at the same thing and see something different.  WeALL MEDIA life skills productions will help us consider our sources, including ourselves, before sharing we solutions for issues that affect our groups and for issues that affect us all.

Too often the public, profit and non-profit institutions that we depend on to help, fail us.   WeALL MEDIA will help fill in some of the gaps. wesolutions.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0
When we stay in a victim mindset, letting disappointments break our spirit, narrow-minded education stunt our ability to think for ourselves, poor health steal our vitality, wealth imprison our compassion and ambition destroy all sense of community, we fail to recognize that weallrate.

If we want to change the slope of our lives, it might help if we KNOW us better.  

WeALL MEDIA spirit, education, health, wealth and community life skills productions linked to weallrate solution-seeking social networking groups will help us help ourselves and somebody else, while doing some critical thinking about our own issues.