The future of education is not stuck behind hallowed walls.  When you find websites with insights, even if you don’t agree, share.  The good news is that you can use the new information to sharpen your own views.  video chat, text, talk on the phone or share  face-to-face.
a place to start searching the internet for anybody about anything.  people searches often more cluttered than accurate.  people pay and manipulate to jump to the top of the list.  scroll down.
takes encyclopedia to a new level of interactive participation.  you may find some inaccuracies, but unlike the inaccuracies in other encyclopedias, the information is open t to your improvements.
sometimes heavy on angry activists looking for personal platforms but with many voices not afraid to speak truths not heard elsewhere.  voices fixated more on diversity can muddle focus.
personality driven anger manipulation.  speaks to a conservative audience feeling snubbed by mainstream media.  speaks politically incorrect, unvarnished truths and untruths.
big brain stuff.  sometimes it’s heavy on the brain and light on the heart but a lot of that is style not intention.  bear with the long winds and talking heads to find breaths of fresh thinking.
tends to be heavy on people looking for personal platforms, sometimes compelling liberal arguments.  in many ways an old school magazine on line. more copy, ads and entertainment than straight news.
good source of diverse, global documentaries.  independent news stories.   if log on to the internet channel, you might want to bring your own focus and some patience.  lots to wade through.
strikes a balance between politics and traditional news stories.  takes pride is more liberal points of view while also taking care to to be more even handed.  less shrill and more deliberation,
good source of more liberal political news.  often takes a different view of nightly news stories.  more fair and balanced even though it sometimes comes across as snide and arrogant.
it’s Russian television.  the style is similar to the BBC but, as to be expected, pushing a more eastern european  perspective.  reports from around the globe reflect Russian interests.
see themselves as conservative underdogs in a sea of hostile liberal press.  trump cheerleading offers a fairer source of information about his policies.  proud ignorance often ignores injustice.
liberal trump haters determined to show that they are smarter,  at times praise-worthy investigative reporting on behalf of the underdog.  other times tone deaf to their angry, we-know-best, paternalism.
say video chat, and many people think skype. you can set up an account and talk to anybody in the world on the internet.  skype with people you know and reach out to people you want to know. learn from people in our local, national and global communities. seek, share and compare the knowledge.
if you don’t skype, there are other video chat options. you can click on the symbols below.  google “how to video chat” or don’t be too proud to just ask young people to share their knowledge.
Don’t ignore the who and what you dislike because we don’t know what to do.  When we try to stay above it all, it creeps up on us.  Like never before, new media offers new opportunities to school ourselves about what we know and what we can do. 

SEEK, SHARE and COMPARE.  Add your sites to the list below.
A world of knowledge is open to us if we reach outside of group think and biased media.  We can Lifeskool ourselves.  We can share insights from different points of view.  We can use media to know better, so that we can do more, better, together.
christian broadcast network. pat robertson’s ode to himself holds up a conservative brand of christian values that embraces politics with a diverse cast of commentators.
part of the angry liberal media but more prone to taking a deep breath to refocus.  does a better job than most of reporting policy as well as the politics behind laws passed and those up for grabs.
old school style magazine on line with more of a conservative bent but less dogma and more analysis.  longer articles, heavy on copy, little original video. some links to youtube.
on line magazine with a pro trump conservative bent.  Heavy on the politics but also an emphasis on technology, science and health care.  some breaking news video.

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WeALL MEDIA life skills productions won’t know it all or tell us all we need to know.  Use them as catalysts to LifeSKOOL ourselves on line and share we-solutions face-to-face.  Don’t just accept other people’s notions of smarts.  We can decide what improves our lives, our communities and our world.