Do we follow psyche-paths to a good SPIRIT?
Do we so worship our miseducation that we dismiss self EDUCATION?  

Do we just well wish our good HEALTH?  

Is money worship our only definition of WEALTH?  

Without dealing with its child’s play, can any COMMUNITY thrive?

Do we know when we’re media marks unable to see that weallrate?
SOMETIMES we work together to make the world better.  Sometimes we help and make things worse.  Sometimes we help to feel superior.  Sometimes we don’t care to help ourselves, let alone anybody else.  Sometimes we think we know more than we do, disrespecting different cultures and overestimating ourselves.  Sometimes we just don’t know how to help.

It might help if we KNOW us first.

Do  we ALL cling so tight to my tribe that we lose compassion and ignore humanity? 

Do our many BLACK faces still suffer from a kidnap mentality?  

Do many in the working class act like CLASS acts despite a herd mentality? 

Do GRAND hands have enough of a
wisdom well to admit past mistakes and not pass them on?  

Have many GLOBAL eyes developed
 ameri-schiz about the United States?  

Do HIGH minds practice mind worship?  

Are JOCK brains and their fans the only ones caught up in competitis?  

Are our LOVE lives so love stuck that we can’t tap into our humanity? 
After life shocked experiences, what do VET heads, know that we don’t know?
If YOUNG hearts need seasoning, do older minds admit enough truth to help?
weallrate GROUPS

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