When we live in cultures of constant competition, always measuring ourselves up against somebody else, we can lose sight of our better selves.  

We all are imperfect works in progress, often pointed in different directions, sometimes but not always of our own choosing. 

The WeALL MEDIA spirit, education, health, wealth, and community avatars we choose will encourage us to take stock on how well we’re meeting our own universal needs.  WeALL MEDIA avatars will help us speak truth to ourselves.
WeALL MEDIA avatars remind us of areas where we need to work on ourselves.  Use them as a lens to look at our own issues before trying to solve their problems.

Use WeALL MEDIA avatars to help feed our better selves.  The avatars you choose will also help us develop WeALL MEDIA life skills productions that better meet your needs.
Do we need to lift our spirit because we’re always negative?

Did we get little or no education or an education that stunted the growth of our compassion and our ability to think for ourselves?

Do we neglect our health, just going along until we get sick?

Are we chasing wealth that does not satisfy our soul?

Is our life all about me, me, mine with no sense of community?

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