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We all need a place to go to check our views, to say what’s news and to inform our actions.  WeALL MEDIA will help us meet universal needs for spirit, education, health, wealth and community, recognizing that we all rate. spirit.htmleducation.htmlhealth.htmlwealth.htmlcommunity.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0shapeimage_10_link_1shapeimage_10_link_2shapeimage_10_link_3shapeimage_10_link_4
Dividing groups with fear that conquers goodwill is a profitable media business model but it doesn’t do much to help us help ourselves, let alone somebody else.  

We stay too afraid and isolated, thinking less for ourselves and listening more to news celebrities, telling us what to think.  We need to KNOW us better.knowus.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0
We can keep consuming the same divisive media over and over again, expecting a different result or we can do different, dodging as much politics as we can, using media to do as much good as we can to help ourselves and somebody else.  

In the WeALL MEDIA philosophy, it’s not just about helping me and mine.  It’s all “about we”, philosophy.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0